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110 SE 28th Ave
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Connecting People to the Grace & Mystery of the Natural World.


Our DIY Terrarium Kits are unique and include everything you need to make each design. They include instructions and plant care.

Tranquility Tiny Terrarium Kit

Come in this sweet box with Tranquility Label
Come in this sweet box with Tranquility Label

Tranquility Tiny Terrarium Kit



Stillness and serenity for the body and the soul. White quartz sand, dried flowers, a single apophyllite point, an assortment of clear quartz and a dash of gold.


Glass Bowl
Air Plant
White Sand


Quartz Crystals

Gold Sparkle

White Geode

Dried Blossoms

Apophyllite Point

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Do air plants need water?

Yes, they do! Air plants take in water through their leaves, not their roots. We recommend submerging your air plant every two weeks for a couple hours.

What kind of light do they need?
Bright, indirect light is the best for long term care.

Do I need to plant my air plant in soil?

No, they can be set on top of the sand or other surfaces that are dry.

Do air plants flower?

Yes they do! About once a year, they will flower and produce pups, offspring. Feel free to add a small amount of fertilizer to the water every other soaking to give them some food to work with and flower.