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ARTEMISIA | Collage with Nature
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110 SE 28th Ave
Portland, OR, 97214
United States


Connecting People to the Grace & Mystery of the Natural World.

Selenite + Palo Santo Duo set


Our DIY Terrarium Kits are unique and include everything you need to make each design. They include instructions and plant care.

Selenite + Palo Santo Duo set

Selenite + Palo Santo Duo.png
Selenite + Palo Santo Duo.png

Selenite + Palo Santo Duo set


Our Selenite + Palo Santo Dou

Palo Santo

One of the most fragrant woods in the world, this resinous wood gives a sweet and warming aroma with notes of cedarwood and brown sugar. when burned like a smudge stick. It inspires creativity, brightens energy, and brings joy into a space.


Selenite is a special form of gypsum crystals that is named after the greek goddess of the moon, Selene. In addition to its beauty and elegance, this luminous stone is known to be an emotional cleanser for the body, mind, spirit and environment. Selenite is calming, it quiets the mind, brings mental clarity and focus.

Comes as a kit with details and instructions for enjoying.

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