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In the Sandbox


My Favorite Succulent: The Beautiful Haworthia

Amy Aiello

With a shop that specializes in terrariums, I have spent a lot of time finding plants that will grow well indoors, as well as successful in terrariums! Though I am delighted by many succulents, I do have my favorites.

I adore plants that are lovely as well as easy for people to grow. I often say that part of the joy in having a terrarium is being successful in growing the plants! In my book that means easy and forgiving!!

So, I would like to show you my fave, Haworthia.......

Almost all Haworthias are naturally adapted for semi-shade conditions. In the wild they are often found growing in the shade of bushes. For us this means that the somewhat lower light in our homes work well with these succulents!

This is Haworthia 'Zebra'

This is Haworthia 'Zebra'

They are striking, handsome plants that work in many designs. A real gem in the succulent world! They thrive in medium to bright indirect light, and in our shop grow successfully in the unique sands we carry. If you are putting them in a pot, my recommendation is cacti/succulent soil. Let them dry in between watering and you will be delighted and amazed by them!