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110 SE 28th Ave
Portland, OR, 97214
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Connecting People to the Grace & Mystery of the Natural World.


In the Sandbox


Afraid to make a terrarium?

Amy Aiello


Are you afraid to make a terrarium?

Have you wanted to, but something stops you? Here are some frequent fears we hear in the shop. Are any of these yours?

"You have too many beautiful things! I don’t know where to start!"

Sometimes we feel the same way! But we will help you choose the plant(s) that best fit your environment and personality (as far as how much you want to tend to your terrarium, or not) your container, and your specialty sand. We’ll get you planted up and then let you loose to decorate. You’ll find that each choice leads to the next and you can always take something out if you change your mind. You don’t have to know everything at once or even have a vision of what you want to end up with. Just start with what you’re attracted to, let yourself play and trust the process! We will help you along the way, as much or as little as you like.

"Mine won’t look as pretty as yours."

Aw thanks, but don’t be so sure. Remember we’ve been experimenting for years, and we’re happy to share what we’ve found out. Don’t be shy about finding a design you like and making it your own. But do know that people are often surprised at what comes out of them. We’re all born artists, you know; sometimes we just get discouraged along the way. We’re here to get you creating again!

"I’m a plant killer."

Take cover ferns! Brown thumb in the shop! Nah, we don’t believe it. You just haven’t gotten the right information yet, as far as light and water needs. Or maybe you’re trying to keep tropicals alive when you’d be happier with succulents, which "thrive on benign neglect."  Maybe airplants are destined to be your specialty? Everyone seems to find their favorites and we have small plants that you’ll feel safe to experiment with. Even after you make your terrarium, you can always consult with us about care, and we guarantee our plants for three weeks after purchase. If it does so happen that a plant doesn’t make it (it happens to us too!), don’t take it personally. Dare to love again. 

Once I start, I won’t be able to stop!

OK, now this is a real problem, but one we’re not too worried about. We do close at 6, but you can always come back tomorrow! Most people come to a moment, on average after about an hour, when they feel their terrarium is complete. Some people make an afternoon of it, and really take their time. Isn’t it lovely to have that feeling, of being excited about making something new, that’s alive?! And we are always getting new ingredients, stones, and containers in the shop to satisfy your creative appetite.

This blog post was written by Donna Otter, who worked for many years as an expressive arts therapist and is passionate about encouraging people to overcome their fears. Donna’s favorite thing about Artemisia is seeing people get engaged in the creative processand the variety of beautiful and personal terrariums that come into form at our bountiful workshop table.

Inti's pick of the week at Artemisia...

Amy Aiello

I am new to the shop and thought it would be interesting to share some thoughts about plants, in terms of beauty, practicality, and ease of care. My favorite plant, both for terrariums and for potting, is the rabbit’s foot fern. They are somehow both delicate in appearance, and durable and forgiving in relation to other ferns.

Being a Pacific Northwest native, I find that my ideas of beauty in nature have been heavily influenced by the dense moss covered forests of Oregon and Washington. My favorite designs are full, lush, and secretive much like our beautiful forests. Come on in to see some of my designs, and all the beauty created by us here at Artemisia. Your own little world awaits.